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You're Invited to the WHS Movie Festival

Thursday, May 9th at 6:30 pm

This year we would like to invite you to our movie festival to celebrate two past films and this year's new film. The festival is this Thursday the 9th at 6:30pm. There is no charge for admission this year, but WayCAM will be accepting donations if you feel generous. 

The festival will take place in the Wayland High School Auditorium

1st Film: The Barn (2011) Runtime: 28 minutes

This homage to the 1980's slasher films set in the nostalgic old Wayland High School.  This film was submitted during Covid to the Communicator Awards in 2020 (due to no student films that year). "The Barn" stood the test of time by winning the prestigious international Communicator Award.

2nd Film: Heist School (2017) Runtime: 23 minutes

This homage to spy/action films set at the new High School, also won two prestigious international awards, the Communicator & Telly Award

3rd Film: Senior Assassins (2024) Runtime: 29 minutes

This new film is based on a bromance/action film and is set at the high school and visits many different locations around town making you nostalgic for Wayland. 

We hope to see you there!


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