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Description of the “PEG Grant Fee” and “License Fee,”
charges which appear on your monthly Cable bill.

As a result of the Licenses negotiated by the Town with the two cable providers, Comcast and Verizon, the Town receives revenues each month from the “Gross Subscriber Revenues” of the cable companies as itemized below. 

Excerpt from the Cable Licenses:
Gross Annual Revenues – The revenues received by the Licensee and/or its Affiliates from the operation of the Cable System in the Town of Wayland to provide Cable Service, including, without limitation: 


  • the distribution of any Cable Service over the Cable System;

  • Basic Service monthly fees and all other Cable Service fees;

  • any and all other Cable Service fees and charges received from Subscribers;

  • installation, reconnection, downgrade, upgrade and any similar charges;

  • interest earned on all Subscriber fees and/or charges collected;

  • all digital Cable Service revenues;

  • fees paid on all Subscriber fees (“Fee-on-Fee”);

  • all Commercial Subscriber Cable Service revenues (including bulk account revenues);

  • Pay Cable, Premium Services and Pay-Per-View revenues;

  • converter, remote control and other Cable Service-related equipment rentals and/or leases or sales;

  • fees paid for channels designated for commercial use;

  • leased access revenues;

  • home shopping revenues;

  • advertising revenues. 


The Town negotiated 5% of those gross revenues to be what supports the daily operations of WayCAM, Wayland’s PEG (Public, Educational, Government) Access Station.

The monthly amounts of those two items, the “PEG Grant Fee” and “License Fee,” which appear on your cable bill may fluctuate slightly, based on various additional services and products you may purchase from the cable providers on a monthly basis.

Subscribers with further questions on these charges should contact their cable provider directly.

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