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Spotlight on: Seating Our Elected Officials

Program #149. June 28, 2020. For our final program before our summer recess, our spotlight is on the recent town elections (at elapsed time 05:04). The candidates who won those elections have not yet taken their seats. Those newly elected to the Board of Selectmen, Assessors, Public Works; the School Committee, Recreation Commission, and Trust Fund haven’t been able to take their seats, because of a Town bylaw, passed in 2009. That bylaw states that those elected will take office after Annual Town Meeting. That’s usually about a week after elections. But this year our elections weren’t until June 9th. And the date for this year’s Annual Town Meeting isn’t even in sight yet. Our guests are two Wayland attorneys: Selectman Doug Levine, who happens to be the outgoing selectman this year, and Wayland resident and former selectman George Harris.


Links to topics discussed on the program:
Selectmen’s Goals FY20-21
Wayland COVID-19 update 061920

Election Bylaw 2009                   

Special Act 2009

Harris email on seating officials 061120

MA regulations on election replacements

How to Respond by Mail – 2020 Census
How to Respond by Phone – 2020 Census

How to Respond Online – 2020 Census

Spotlight on: Contact Tracing in Wayland

Program #148. June 21, 2020. Wayland has initiated its own effort, and we’ll find out how it works. We’ll also talk about testing, and what you should know about the process (at elapsed time 13:28). Our guests will be Wayland’s Public Health Nurse, Ruth Mori, and Noreen D’Amico, the School Nurse at Claypit Hill School.


Plus This Week’s Top Stories from Town Government:

> Restaurant openings begin
> Rethinking GPA’s of transcript calculations
> COVID-19 update
> Library continues increasing reopening services

> Library’s 3-D printers producing PPE’s 
> Library to organize programs on racism
> ConCom says ‘no’ to expanded hunting
> ConCom seeks volunteers
> Water restrictions are back
> Transfer Station now open Tuesdays
> Electees share thoughts
> Call to seat newly elected officers
> GoFundMe for popular teacher

Follow these links to items mentioned:
Contact Tracing Tool 050620
G.Harris letter on seating elected members 061120

Spotlight on: What Happened to Annual Town Meeting?

Progarm #147. June 14, 2020. It’s complicated. So, so this week, we discuss the status of Annual Town Meeting (at elapsed time (11:16). It’s been postponed twice because of COVID-19. Will it be held at all this year? If so, when, and where? Why has it taken so long to decide? If we hold it, what would it look like, and what are the conditions that would ensure public safety? Our guests are Selectperson Cherry Karlson and Town Moderator Dennis Berry.

Plus these top stories from Town Government:

> Election winners left standing

> Vote on Loker Roof
> Success for Town’s first mail-in voting
> George Floyd solidarity/Race Amity Day
> Limited reopening for Restaurants, outdoor, daycare
> Water ban imposed
> COA working its way through Covid-19
> Library ‘special delivery’

Follow these links to items related to this program:

Mail-in Voting Proposed Amendments
Moderator’s ATM 2020 Issues and Options

Race Amity Day Pledge
Re-opening Guide – phase 2

Water Ban Notice – June 1, 2020

Spotlight on: Mass. “2020 Vote-by-Mail” Act

with State Senator Becca Rausch (D)

Program #146. June 7, 2020. This week (at elapsed time 10:05). On April 15 of this year, Massachusetts Democratic State Senator Rausch, along with Democratic State Representative Adrian Madaro of Boston, filed the “2020 Vote by Mail” Act. This Act would establish comprehensive voting by mail for all statewide elections in 2020, both the primary in September and the general in November. We’re going to talk about the details of this Act: Why they introduced it, what it accomplishes, and what it means for voters in Massachusetts. Senator Rausch represents the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District, which includes Wayland. Currently in her first term, Senator Rausch serves as the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, and the Senate Vice-Chair of the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs.

Plus these Town Government reports:
> ATM postponed again until…
> But ATM preparation continues
> Governor’s Phasing Plan
> Town Beach opens under Guidance
> School Dept. not counting this year’s grades
> Library makes “holds” books available
> Bag fees set at Transfer Station
> Water Fees to increase slightly
> Seek volunteers for June 9 election

Follow these links to items related to this program:
Governor’s ReOpening Plan 052120
Moderator’s ATM Issues and Options 052720
FY20-FY20 Budget Projectons 052720
FY2020 General Fund Estimates 052720
Town Beach Occupancy Plan 060320

Spotlight on: Ask The Candidates

Q&A for Selectman candidates
Town elections: June 9th

Program #145. May 31, 2020. This week, just before Town Elections on June 9th, we rebroadcast: Ask the Candidates. We interview the three candidates for Selectmen. We ask them questions from residents of Wayland who sent them in to The Buzz for this program. The questions are broad and bar no punches. We think you’ll learn a lot about what the candidates think about how to address the issues, challenges and opportunities facing Wayland in the next few years.

Spotlight on: Ask the Candidates for School Committee

Program #144. May 24, 2020. This week (at elapsed time 07:51) our spotlight is on the three candidates for School Committee: Jeanne Downs, who is running for re-election; plus first-time candidates Amanda Miles and Chris Ryan. The Buzz asked the community to send in questions that they would like to ask, so some of the questions they’ll be answering have come from Wayland residents.


Plus these Town Government reports:
> Census returns lacking
> Budgets and shortfalls
> Town Meeting or not?
> More on Loker School roof
> Volunteers needed for June 9  Elections
> Two new housing developments proposed
> Comcast cable licensing plans continue

Follow these links to items related to this program:
57 Shaw Drive Concept 3

Spotlight on: Mail-in Voting for Wayland Town Elections, June 9

Send in your Application - ASAP

Program #143. May 17, 2020. This week (at elapsed time 10:42) our spotlight is on the upcoming Town elections scheduled for June 9th. State legislation passed in April enables everyone to vote by mail, although in-person voting will continue as usual. This the first time that Wayland will be voting almost entirely by mail, prompted by COVID-19. We’ll talk to Wayland Town Clerk Anna Ludwig, and Town Administrator Louise Miller and clarify mail-in voting procedures that voters must follow in order to take advantage of mail-in voting.


Plus these Town Government reports:
> Search to begin for new Superintendent
> Reports on remote learning
> Will survey teachers and families for feedback
> No furloughs for BASE and Food Service employees
> Planning teams for fall school reopening
> COVID-19 cases up last week
> Mass. requires face masks
> Hoping for legislation to set Town Meeting rules
> Town Clerk working for smooth Election, June 9
> Mail-in Voting will be major part of Town Election
> Continuing obstacles to Loker school roof
> Efforts to assist residents with tax payment issues

Follow these links to items related to this program:
Annual Town Election Information June 2020
Town Election ballot 2020
Special voting hours
Health Dept COVID-19 Update 050820
Governor’s Face Mask Order May 1 2020
Absentee Ballot Application
Early-Voting Ballot Application (simplest option)

Spotlight on: Emotional Support

How is the Town of Wayland helping during Covid-19?

Program #142. May 10, 2020. We continue our coverage of how the Wayland administration, employees and volunteers are stepping up to provide local leadership and resources to residents (at elapsed time 06:55). This week the topic is emotional and mental health support for residents stressed and stretched by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our guests are Jason Verhoosky, Director of Wayland’s Youth and Family Services, Dr. Dossie Kahn, Assistant Director and Clinical Supervisor; and Julie Secord, Director of the Council on Aging. We’ll learn about the issues they’re hearing about from residents, and the kinds of resources and solutions they’re able to provide.


Plus these Town Government reports:
> Getting ahead of COVID-19?
> Memorial Day
> The questions concerning Annual Town Meeting
> How to deal with leaky Loker roof and Route 27 bridge
> Making vote-by-mail work
> Requisites to resuming committee and public meetings

Follow these links to items related to this program:
Town elections and ATM steps

Spotlight on: Health Department during Covid-19

Program #141. May 3, 2020. Our spotlight this week is on the Wayland Health Department during the COVID-19 crisis. We’ll talk with Director Julia Junghanns (at elapsed time 07:25) and cover many questions about her department’s ongoing activities and response. And we’ll ask some detailed questions that we think you’ll find useful. Joining us in that conversation will be Town Administrator Louise Miller, who’s been heading the Town’s COVID-19 response.


Plus these Town Government reports:
> Rec to issue refunds
> Board of Health considers requiring masks
> Covid-19 cases rise to 48 in town; second death
> TA looks to process for re-opening town; restarting projects
> Mull election date and Town Meeting options
> BOS votes to order wearing face masks in public
> Flea and tick season
> School Supt. sets two task forces for Fall reopening


Follow these links to items related to this program:

Safe Food Handling Tips
Food Sources in Wayland

It’s Tick Season - Keep Safe

Spotlight on: The Wayland Library steps-up during Covid-19

Program #140. April 26, 2020. The Wayland Public Library is closed because of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean that library activities have shut down. On the contrary, the library is offering new programs for all ages, that can be accessed online during the pandemic. We get the details (at elapsed time: 12:19) from our guests: Aida Gennis, chair of the library board of trustees, and library director Sandy Raymond.


Plus these Town Government Reports: 

> BOS reviews FY2019 Auditors’ report
> Auditors list deficiencies and recommendations
> Town Administrator reports anticipated financial impacts of Covid-19

> All Assisted Living facilities in Wayland report Covid-19; have received PPE
> Selectmen issue advisory on masks
> Beefed up effort to minimize social gathering in town
> Town Moderator expected to further postpone ATM
> School Department begins review of FY2020 budget and revenue funds

> School Committee votes to refund some fees
> School Committee discusses Phase 2 of remote learning

> New dog walking restrictions

Follow these links to items mentioned on the program:
Melanson Health financial audit FY2019
Town Administrator’s  Covid-19 update to FinCom 041520

Dog Walking Order, April 2020

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