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Spotlight on: WHS Students’ Voting Initiative

Program #131. Dec. 22, 2019. This week for our final program of 2019, our spotlight is on two energized Wayland High School students (at elapsed time 08:49), who’ve already got their sights fixed on next November’s election. They recently participated in a brainstorming session at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, on ways to get their communities and student peers motivated to vote. Our guests are Seniors Angela Chi and Junior Sam Goldstone; and their principal Allyson Mizoguchi. We’ll find about that Harvard program and about what drives their energy. 

Plus This Week’s Top Stories from Town Government:

> Sculling Shed for Lake Cochituate?
> Town Administrator Review

> Cass litigation cost finalized
> High School treatment plant down through 2020
> Climate Committee climate action plan with MAPC
> Nomination papers available Jan. 7th

> WHS students offering Christmas tree removal

> Lewis Russell passes


Click these links to documents mentioned on the program:

High School Students at Harvard

Spotlight on: State of the Town

2019 Review / 2020 Preview

Program #130. Dec. 15, 2019. On December 10, 2019, Town and School Department leaders presented their first State of the Town Public Forum since 2009. The town-wide event, was hosted live at Town Building by Wayland Weekly Buzz, and broadcast live. Presenters were: Chair of the Selectmen, Cherry Karlson; Chair of the School Committee, Jeanne Downs; School Superintendent Arthur Unobskey; and Town Administrator Louise Miller. They reported to Town residents on the present status of the Town and Schools, our financial health, and our outlook for the new year. (Apologies for the video quality).


Follow this link to the State of the Town presentation:
State of the Town Presentation 121019


There are no Town Government Reports this week. 

Spotlight on: Comcast Cable Negotiations

What’s driving new contract for 2020?

Program #129. Dec. 8, 2019. September, 2020, is the deadline for Wayland to sign a new licensing agreement with Comcast, one of our two cable providers. The Town’s Cable Advisory Committee has begun the ascertainment process which will continue into 2020 and culminate, hopefully, with a successful new license in September. In addition to the committee’s work, Town residents will also be involved, and important to a successful outcome. Joining us (at elapsed time 14:10) to discuss the goals of the negotiation, as well as the role Town residents will play, are Selectmen Doug Levine, the selectmen’s liaison to the committee; and Jim Mullane, Executive Director of WayCAM, the Town’s public access media center.

Plus these Town Government Reports:
> Revised report on Loker Field

> Warrants open December 13th for ATM
> Selectmen will ask repurposing of $470k CoA/CC funding
> ECC recommends increasing ‘green’ energy townwide
> Planning Board forwards River’s Edge application to ZBA
> BoPW recommends evaluating sidewalks
> BoPW kerfuffle with TA over reporting process
> DPW managers actions save Town $40K-$60K
> New Senior Tax Relief action
> “State of the Town” Public Forum Dec. 10


Click these links to documents mentioned on the program:
Revised CMG letter on Loker Field 112119
Community choice aggregation program112519

ATM Warrant Instructions 112519
Petitioners’ process 112519

FY2020 Tax Classification hearing 112519 

Spotlight on: Climate Reality

WCPA brings Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project to Wayland

Program #128 November 24, 2019. This week, something special. Our spotlight is on Climate – global and local (at elapsed time 5:24). Susan Golden is a volunteer for the Climate Reality Project. Trained by former US Vice President Al Gore, she held a public presentation at Wayland High School on November 20th. In a 24-hour period, November 20th and 21st, the organization gave climate presentations on our changing climate, in all 50 US states and over 75 countries around the world. The Wayland program was sponsored by the Wayland Children and Parents Association. In addition to an interview with the program’s presenter, Susan Golden, there’s an introduction by Whitney Fair, one of WCPA’s program organizers, as well as presentations by Sean Fair, Chair of the Wayland Conservation Commission, and Ellen Tohn, co-chair of Wayland’s Energy and Climate Committee. And we show two clips that explain what the Climate Reality Project is all about, and how each one of us fits in.


Plus: This Week’s Top Stories from Town Government:

> FinCom receives $10.1M in capital requests from DPW, Schools and REC
> CoA/CC RFP moving forward (slowly)
> ECC providing green input at River’s Edge
> ECC to propose energy aggregation at ATM
> Board of Health report on EEE
> State of the Town Public Forum Dec. 10


Click these links to items mentioned on the program:
Busy Parents Making Changes for Zero Waste
Climate Reality Project – Home Page 
Silent Spring Institute – Home Page
Sudbury Valley Trustees – Home Page

Spotlight on: The Assessors

About Those New Real Estate Assessments!


Program #127. Nov 17, 2019. This week our guest is Jayson Brodie, chair of the Board of Assessors (at elapsed time 6:57). He’ll walk us through the entire assessing process. We’ll find out how his board operates, how our real estate assessments are established, what residents can do if they want to appeal their valuations, and more.

Plus: This Week’s Top Stories from Town Government:

> FY21 Spending Level might be higher than guideline
> New River’s Edge project presented to Conservation Commission
> Economic Development Committee has many projects underway
> Arts Wayland business plan
> Pop-ups for Town Center?

> “State of the Town” Public Forum coming December 10th


Click these links to items mentioned on the program:
River’s Edge New Presentation 110519

Link to Assessor’s Office (Assessment information)

Spotlight on: Wayland’s Water Resources

Program #126. Nov. 10, 2019. This week our program is about Wayland’s water resources (at elapsed time 09:14); a look at what they are, where they are; why they’re important to Wayland; how they’re maintained; the outlook for their future, and what residents can do to help keep them healthy. We’ll talk to Mike Lowery, former member of the Surface Water Quality Committee.

Plus these Top Stories from Town Government:
> Urge CoA/Community Center RFP in time for Annual Town Meeting Warrant
> Murphy fills Board of Public Works vacancy
> Residents laud DPW for performance
> BoPW move ahead towards laydown area 
> BoPW seeks stronger water suspension regulations
> SWQC advised of conflict of interest potential

> Dudley and Heard ponds weed removal now complete
> Bacteria bloom in Lake Cochituate updated
> Tonya Largy successful Library presentation on archaeology


Click these links to items mentioned on the program:

Conservation Trails and Ponds
Five Miles Astride the River- link to video
Marx Brothers at Heard Pond
Resident water conservation steps

Thoreau’s Journal 1851 – Dudley Pond

Wayland Water Access Points

Spotlight on: The Library

Update and Outlook
Program #125. Nov 3, 2019. Our guest this week is Aida Gennis, Chair of the Wayland Public Library Board of Trustees (at elapsed time (11:39). We’ll talk about changes over the past year, their plans for the near future and their vision for the library in coming years.

Plus: This Week’s Top Stories from Town Government:

> Selectmen deliberate on Special Act

> Selectmen mull conflicts of interest

> FinCom comments on “resource-based” capital plan
> TA recommends capital stabilization fund

> 24 School Street 40B coming back to ConCom
> EDC recommends land use
> Veterans Day observances

> Town Moderator Peter Gossels remembered


Click these links to items mentioned on the program:

24 School Street – Stay of Procedures 100419

EDC Memorandum of Land parcels 102819

Proposed Conflict of Interest Policy 102819
TMSA Questions from Boards and Committees 102819

Spotlight on: Town Planning

Program #124. Oct. 27, 2019. Our guest this week is Wayland Town Planner Sarkis Sarkisian with new developments in town (at elapsed time 05:42.) There’s a new plan for the River’s Edge housing development working its way through the Town’s review boards. That plan would increase the number of units from 190 to 218. That’s more than Town Meeting authorized. We’ll find out why, and how the new plan might affect Wayland’s 40B “Safe Harbor” status. We’ll also find out what’s new at Town Center and at the old Whole Foods shopping center, as the Town is planning an improvement program along that stretch of Route 20. Finally, we’ll get an update on development on Route 27 in Cochituate Village.

Plus: these Top Stories from Town Government:

> Climate Committee on reducing carbon footprint at River’s Edge

> Solar savings for lower income residents

> Recreation Commission will bring Loker field back to ATM

> Shell shed proposed for crew teams

> Oxbow Meadows nearing completion


Click these links to items mentioned on the program:

RGB Affordable Housing Inventory 102419

Board of Health Halloween EEE advice 102319

Spotlight on: Vaping Emergency - Encore

Program #123. Oct.20, 2019. Our topic is the vaping emergency. Our guests are Wayland Board of Health Director Julia Junghanns, and Director of Youth and Family Services, Jason Verhoosky (at elapsed time 12:14). All 50 states have now imposed age restrictions on the purchase of e-cigarette products. In Massachusetts, the legal age is 21. That was until our governor recently imposed a four-month ban on all vaping products, lasting until January 25, 2020. The Mass Department of Health is relying on local health departments to assist with enforcement of the ban. Tonight’s program is about what users should know about vaping, the risks, reasons for the state-wide ban, and upcoming educational sessions.


Plus: NEW Top Stories from Town Government:

> New Signage coming to Route 20 business district

> Projects moving forward at Middle, Loker and Happy Hollow schools

> Finance Committee forwards recommendation for FY2021 budget increase

> New principal at Happy Hollow

> High School Math procedures under scrutiny by some parents

> New Artificial Turf concerns: PFAS carcinogenic chemical substances

> Heard Farm restores heirloom orchard

Click these links to items mentioned on the program:

Emergency Order – Vaping 092419
Finance Committee Spending Letter 100419
Five year draft capital improvement plan FY21-25 101219

Spotlight on: Selectmen’s Update – Recent events

Program #122. Oct.13, 2019. This week our guest is Cherry Karlson, Chair of the Wayland Selectmen (at elapsed time 10:31). She discusses where we stand as of now on a number of items that residents are following, like the Town Manager Act, why they cancelled Fall Town Meeting, what’s next for the Council on Aging/Community Center, the Verizon cell tower, and more.


Plus this Week’s Top Stories from town Government:

> Selectmen swear in new Wayland Police officer Colin Whitney

> Finance Committee votes $2.7M operating budget

> Public Works board concerns over Town Manager Act

> DPW’s water meter project back on track

> Longtime Public Works member Tom Abdella resigns

> Board of Health: budget, tobacco sales restrictions

> Continuing EEE risk

> Possible conservation cluster at 12 Claypit Hill Road

> Overnight Route 20 detour through December

> Neighbors launch “Help Neighbors Wayland, MA” GoFundMe page

> Peter Gossels publishes new book on Holocaust

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