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An Important message from WayCAM:

WayCAM is committed to the needs of our community. That is why we are taking a new step in how we access information online.

The mission of WayCAM is to provide a non-profit, electronic forum for the free exchange of information and ideas which reflect the talents, skills, interests, concerns, and diversity of the Wayland Community. Whether you are watching your child play sports after the game or watching a live school committee meeting or church service on your computer, WayCAM delivers transparency and connection here in our town.

WayCAM’s primary source of funding is cable subscriptions, which are declining. Our organization is facing severe funding shortages and has seen a decline of approximately 1000 cable subscribers significantly impacting the operations of the cable studio. During the same time that cable subscriptions are decreasing, there has been an increase demand for online streaming services. Which includes the live channel streaming and On-Demand programming on our website. We are actively taking a new step to achieve the same service despite constant decreases in revenue over the past several years.

For many years, WayCAM has proudly provided online streaming services as On-Demand access to content to our community free of charge. WayCAM is honored to be a consistent pillar in the Community which was highlighted during the height of the Covid Pandemic when everything else seemed to shut down. WayCAM remained a constant, finding many ways to connect us all and share important programming to our community.

Effective this fall, please support WayCAM by welcoming our new roll out of our redesigned memberships. Each membership is modest in cost and designed for the individual viewer’s needs. We appreciate your partnership.


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