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Spotlight on: Emotional Support

How is the Town of Wayland helping during Covid-19?

Program #142. May 10, 2020. We continue our coverage of how the Wayland administration, employees and volunteers are stepping up to provide local leadership and resources to residents (at elapsed time 00:00). This week the topic is emotional and mental health support for residents stressed and stretched by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our guests are Jason Verhoosky, Director of Wayland’s Youth and Family Services, Dr. Dossie Kahn, Assistant Director and Clinical Supervisor; and Julie Secord, Director of the Council on Aging. We’ll learn about the issues they’re hearing about from residents, and the kinds of resources and solutions they’re able to provide.


Plus these Town Government reports:
> Getting ahead of COVID-19?
> Memorial Day
> The questions concerning Annual Town Meeting
> How to deal with leaky Loker roof and Route 27 bridge
> Making vote-by-mail work
> Requisites to resuming committee and public meetings

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Town elections and ATM steps

Spotlight on: Health Department during Covid-19

Program #141. May 3, 2020. Our spotlight this week is on the Wayland Health Department during the COVID-19 crisis. We’ll talk with Director Julia Junghanns (at elapsed time 07:25) and cover many questions about her department’s ongoing activities and response. And we’ll ask some detailed questions that we think you’ll find useful. Joining us in that conversation will be Town Administrator Louise Miller, who’s been heading the Town’s COVID-19 response.


Plus these Town Government reports:
> Rec to issue refunds
> Board of Health considers requiring masks
> Covid-19 cases rise to 48 in town; second death
> TA looks to process for re-opening town; restarting projects
> Mull election date and Town Meeting options
> BOS votes to order wearing face masks in public
> Flea and tick season
> School Supt. sets two task forces for Fall reopening


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Food Sources in Wayland

It’s Tick Season - Keep Safe

Spotlight on: The Wayland Library steps-up during Covid-19

Program #140. April 26, 2020. The Wayland Public Library is closed because of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean that library activities have shut down. On the contrary, the library is offering new programs for all ages, that can be accessed online during the pandemic. We get the details (at elapsed time: 12:19) from our guests: Aida Gennis, chair of the library board of trustees, and library director Sandy Raymond.


Plus these Town Government Reports: 

> BOS reviews FY2019 Auditors’ report
> Auditors list deficiencies and recommendations
> Town Administrator reports anticipated financial impacts of Covid-19

> All Assisted Living facilities in Wayland report Covid-19; have received PPE
> Selectmen issue advisory on masks
> Beefed up effort to minimize social gathering in town
> Town Moderator expected to further postpone ATM
> School Department begins review of FY2020 budget and revenue funds

> School Committee votes to refund some fees
> School Committee discusses Phase 2 of remote learning

> New dog walking restrictions

Follow these links to items mentioned on the program:
Melanson Health financial audit FY2019
Town Administrator’s  Covid-19 update to FinCom 041520

Dog Walking Order, April 2020

Spotlight on: Council on Aging during Covid-19

Program #139. April 19, 2020.


This week our guest is Council on Aging Director Julie Secord. And we’re joined by Town Administrator Louise Miller. We’ll do an update on what the Town is doing to support Wayland’s seniors during this Covid-19 pandemic. On March 31st Julie participated in a TV and video broadcast on WayCAM of the Town’s response to the pandemic. The report was led by Town Administrator Louise Miller, and included seven members of key Town Government departments. It’s an impressive report and you can see it, and any additional updates to the original, at www.waycam.tv, and on your cable station every night at 7pm. In this interview we dig more deeply into issues faced by seniors during this time and tell you what the Town, and more specifically the Council on Aging, is doing to help. Town Building is closed to the public, so we spoke to Julie and Louise remotely. Note: This program contains important contact information.

Plus these Town Government Reports:
> Wayland records first Covid-19 death
> Selectmen focus on Covid-19
> Legislation enables delay of ATM; funding options
> Dog walking becomes an issue
> Two new Eagle Scouts
> School Committee focuses on remote learning
> ELVIS making plans for ATM during Covid-19
> DPW closes parks and playgrounds
> Limited functions at Transfer Station
> Repairs to Route 27 bridge

Links to important information:
Covid-19 Action Plan
How to make Hand Sanitizer

How to make a Facemask
How to make a Facemask – Youtube
Wayland Neighbor Brigade                                                      
Wayland.info –Residents helping each other

Spotlight on: Ask The Candidates

Q&A for Selectman candidates

Program #138. Mar. 22, 2020. This week (at elapsed time 00:53), we have a special presentation: Ask the Candidates. We interview the three candidates for Selectmen. We ask them questions from residents of Wayland who sent them in to The Buzz for this program. The questions are broad and bar no punches. We think you’ll learn a lot about what the candidates think about how to address the issues, challenges and opportunities facing Wayland in the next few years. We were unable to interview School Committee candidates due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Spotlight on: Select Board/Town Manager Special Act

Program #137. Mar. 15, 2020. This week (at elapsed time 07:10), we discuss one of the most important and controversial warrant articles coming to Annual Town Meeting in April: the Select Board/Town Manager Special Act. It’s a sweeping change to our town government, and of course, it’s not without controversy. Explaining what it is, how we got here, why the Act is being proposed and what it will mean for the future of Wayland, will be Selectpersons Cherry Karlson and Lea Anderson. 

Plus these Town Government Reports. 
> Board of Health provides COVID-19 guidelines
> Town Government taking action on COVID-19
> Loker & Middle School temporarily closed
> What about Elections and ATM
> Plans for Gossels Good Government Award
> Lighted Flag at Lokerville Green

Follow these links to documents mentioned on the program:

Board of Health: Self-Quarantine Guide 030720 
People at Risk – Board of Health Advisory 031520
Board of Health Update 030720
Collins Center Financial Management Report 02_2018
Town Manager Special Act 011420
Org Chart for Wayland 031520
Gov. Baker State of Emergency Message 03_2020
Corona Virus TAKE-ACTION Instructions 031220

Spotlight on: Loker Field Project

Pro- and Con- discussion of the upcoming Warrant Article

Program #136. Mar. 8, 2020. This week (at elapsed time 09:48) our spotlight is on the Loker Turf Field warrant article coming up at Annual Town Meeting. It’s coming back for the third time. The Selectmen admonished the Recreation Commission to not bring back the exact same article as before. We’ll talk to Recreation Commissioners Asa Foster and Brud Wright, proponents of the article, and find out if there are any changes. Then resident John Sax will present his opposition view.

Plus these Town Government Reports. 

> Reid-Wallace files MCAD complaint against Schools

> BoPW tackles Chapter 193 rewrite
> BoPW working on new water regulations

> BoPW wants more self-sufficient Transfer Station
> Surface Water Quality Committee prepares for Spring

> CPA article to fund Library building access
> Mini-golf coming to Library
> Library groups boycotting Macmillan Publishing

> Loker Field still not resolved at ConCom and ZBA

Spotlight on: Finance Committee (Warrant Article)

Town Moderator, not Selectmen, should appoint FinCom, 

Program #135. Mar. 1, 2020. We discuss the Warrant Article to change the way the Finance Committee appointed. Petitioners propose we adopt the structure used by most Massachusetts towns (at elapsed time 11:36). Petitioners feel that our budgeting structure is incorrect. The Selectmen, the Executive branch, should be creating the budget, and the Finance Committee should be reviewing that budget for the legislative branch, the citizens of Town Meeting, not for the Selectmen, as is done now. To better understand the article, we’ll be joined by lead petitioner Carole Plumb and former Selectman George Harris. 

Plus these Town Government Committee Reports
> Says Town Manager Special Act isn’t ready for Town Meeting vote
> REC offers 5 year moratorium on new fields
> Accuses REC of restricting comments for upcoming Loker Field Public Hearing
> Reiterates using old DPW site for CoA/Community Center
> Gossels Award proposed
> CoA/CC RFP still not made public
> River’s Edge moving forward
> School Bus parking still unresolved
> Finance Committee in whirlwind meetings
> Update on Historical Commission cleanup at Wayland Depot

> Historical Commission to celebrate 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment

> Deadline is March 6 for nominations for Lydia Maria Child Award
> Still time to get free Flu shots at Board of Health

Click these links to documents mentioned on the program:

Finance Committee Warrant Article, Rev.
Budget Schedule and process 2019
FinCom interview Slide Show 030120

Collins Center Report Feb 2018Nuz

Spotlight on: “Community Choice Aggregation”

Should we buy our electricity in bulk? (Warrant Article)

Program #134. Feb. 23, 2020. This week (at elapsed time 08:16) our spotlight is on a state regulated program that would allow Wayland to purchase electricity supply in bulk for all households and small businesses currently enrolled in Eversource's Basic Service. It’s called Community Choice Aggregation or CCA. It’s a powerful way for everyone in Wayland to turn our energy consumption ‘green’, but it is a bit complicated. The article is sponsored by the Wayland Energy and Climate Committee. We’ll get the details from co-chair Ellen Tohn.

Plus these Town Government Reports. 

> Environmental report on area of proposed Loker turf field
> Status of vernal pool at Loker project area
> ConCom sidelined on Training Field Road
> Dog walkers pooping on ConCom?
> Energy & Climate Committee’s new initiatives
> Lokerville Green gets facelift

Spotlight on: Sustainable Wayland

Program #133. Feb. 16, 2020. This week our spotlight is on a new civic action group in Wayland. It’s called “Sustainable Wayland” (at elapsed time 07:55). Who are they and what are they all about? Our guest is Wayland resident Steve Wynne, one of the group’s founders. In an email, announcing their formation in January 2020, they state that their purpose is to provide information, promote understanding, and deliver meaningful context for important town-wide issues.  

Plus these Town Government Reports. 

> Last minute candidates sign up

> Suggest old DPW garage site for COA/CC

> New Federal grant for Rail Trail

> Loker Field article approved by BOS
> Loker Field forum scheduled for March 18

> Happy Hollow and Claypit playground refurbs

> School Committee budget hearing Feb 24
> BOH suggests on virus protection

Click these links to documents mentioned on the program:

Wayland Election Schedule -2020